Shoring up I93 at Causeway St.

Next to the Fleet Center on March 17, as they prepare to haul those huge steel beams into place.




March 20, after the beams are in place.




Some shots from both sides of Causeway St after the old support beams have been cut away, from May 9.




July 23, showing Causeway St (looking east) after the traffic realignment (which routed west-bound traffic to the right of the large artery support, and moved the east-bound lane into the old west-bound one.)



Some more random shots along the part of the artery along the side of the Fleet Center, from September 18.



This is under the artery (you can see the Fleet Center in the background), and the short sections of steel beams sticking out of the mud belong to (I assume) the support walls for the I93-NB to Storrow Drive tunnel.  



Looking towards Causeway St, where the artery tunnel will surface. (The Fleet Center is off to the right, and North Station is straight ahead. Taken November 20, 1999.


Opposite angle of the above picture, taken June 20, 2000.





The back side of the new Haymarket garage, looking towards Dock Square, with the artery on the left. I couldn't get close enough to show how big/deep this hole is... Taken November 20, 1999.


Taken under I93, right next to Haymarket, on November 25, 1999.



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