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December 6, 2000. Okay, I have finally added new pics! A bunch of shots of the new structure popping up between BHCC and the new bridge. Also, many new shots of the Charles River bridge...Well, new as of June 20th!



October 24, 2000. I know that the page hasn't been updated in eons...but that is the price you pay for being happily on the road to marriage! :-) I have some pics that have been taken since I stopped updating the pages, and hope to have those updated here soon. I also hope to make a few trips around Boston before winter hits hard, and get a last round of pics before the year ends. If you have any complaints, suggestions, comments, etc, just email me here.


June 15, 2000. Added Ron Newman's big dig tour pics. Will be adding the pics to the other individual pages soon.



March 26, 2000. Added more pics to the Bridge section. Added more pics to the Pike section. Added new pages to the general section. Added new page to the MBTA section.


January 3, 2000. Added some more pics to the Bridge section. Added a couple to the Leverett section. Added some pics to the area around Haymarket/Fleet Center. Also added a new page for the South Bay interchange.



November 21, 1999. Added a bunch of new pics to the Bridge section. 



November 13, 1999: Added a few pics from the deck of the new Leverett connector.



November 10, 1999: Added a newer pic of the Blue Line tunnel site, showing the now exposed train tracks.

                                 Also added some pics of the inside of North Station, showing progress on the new super station.



October 16, 1999: Added pic of the Blue Line tunnel, as seen from a large hole in the ground...

                             Also added some pics of the A Street casting basin.



October 11, 1999: Added pics of the emergencey repairs done on the Charles River crossing on Mem. day weekend. 




September 06, 1999: Added leverett9.html, leverett10.html, and leverett11.html, as well as bridge.html thru bridge7.html. I've been adding pics to the individual pages as I take them, so be sure to check around, to make sure you don't miss anything!

   One of these days, I'll work out a system to label the pages with the most recent update time (so you will be able to just load a main page, like leverett.html, and the links will have dates next to them for the most recent update...)


August 28, 1999: Added some more pics of the Leverett ramp area. 

   added leverett4.html thru leverett8.html



More to come soon (including, hopefully, some new pics tomorrow!)








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